AfroFuture Fest charging white people more because WHITE SKIN!!! (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Danny111298, Evesham, Tuesday, July 09, 2019, 11:52 (398 days ago) @ Cosmos

Probably giving these two twats too much credit but it's done for free publicity which is the Hollywood advertising model at the moment (piss off a certain sector of people to get a social media war going so everybody is talking about your movie)

It will also get less white people going due to boycotts which is ultimately what these two twats want and it will raise awareness to the other racist blacks that had never heard of the festival but will now attend because their black brothers and sisters are like sheep (you saw that mentality with the greatest movie ever made, Black Panther)

FACT: More blacks in America are killed by blacks than they are killed by whites. American Cops kill more white people than they do blacks.

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