The Muslims of Britain have spoken! No more 2 mummies and 2 daddies and Homosexual brainwashing (Conspiracy / Strange)

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From September 2020, relationships and sex education will become statutory in all secondary schools in England.
Relationships education will become statutory in all primary schools in England. In line with government guidance, we recommend that age-appropriate sex education is also taught in all primary schools.


There are also changes within the content tables around what pupils should know by the end of primary and by the end of secondary. For example, the concept of menstrual wellbeing has been included in Health Education and FGM is specified under secondary RSE. A new statement provides clarification that ‘we expect all pupils to have been taught LGBT content at a timely point as part of this area of the curriculum’.



The Majority are AGAINST these new RSE Reforms

The majority of respondents to a consultation on new relationships and sex education lessons disagreed with the government’s proposals, new documents show.
The documents reveal significant disquiet over the age-appropriateness of RSE content for both primary and secondary school pupils, with teaching on LGBT relationships a particular bone of contention. Proposed new health education lesson content was far less controversial.
Despite the response, Damian Hinds, the education secretary, confirmed today that he will proceed with only minor amendments to the reforms, which will come into effect next year.

Ministers have clarified that it will be up to schools when they teach about LGBT issues after a “large number” of consultation respondents objected to their plans. Schools will still be expected to teach the content, but the timing of lessons will be up to headteachers.



Link to the template document in the Newsnight report that you can send to the school



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