TrueBlue Mini PS Classic USB Stick - Is This Legal? (Gaming - Sony)

by Trevor Nissan, Monday, May 13, 2019, 01:48 (99 days ago) @ Amped Up

For a non tech savvy person that has a Playstation classic mini this is a great buy to add a selection of games to the sparse default selection on the system. Without having to download the games and set up the usb drive yourself.

Plug and Play, over a hundred extra games for £20 what more do you want :-dunno

My only reluctance is the use of a generic no name drive and how long that will last. You're not getting a Sandisk or Samsung drive here.

If you're slightly tech savvy you would be better off buying a Samsung 64GB for £16 and doing it yourself. At least if the drive packs up working you have a warranty.


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