Another Crafty #MeToo Bitch Jenny Sushe (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Danny111298, Evesham, Saturday, March 30, 2019, 14:57 (110 days ago)

During an interview this bitch got kissed by boxer Pulev, she looked surprised but smiled and said nothing.

Then allegedly after the kiss she is filmed at a Pulev after party gyrating on a mans lap like a $2 whore with her tits almost falling out.

Then after the night has ended she decides to go straight to an attorney and not just any old attorney, the top #MeToo attorney Gloria Allred :-roll to try and take everything Pulev has.

Even in the press conference sitting next to her attorney big tits Jenny Ravalo Sushe has the nerve to say she had never met Mr Pulev and the two of them are not friends :-roll even though she ended up lap dancing at the Pulev entourage party.




Not friends, never met before honest



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