Ghostbusters 3 (2020) (Movies)

by Xreset, Sunday, January 20, 2019, 23:22 (368 days ago) @ Hot Rodney

KYLE KIZU at The Hollywood Reporter has a strop on :-lol


and HANNAH WOODHEAD at https://lwlies.com/articles/jason-reitman-ghostbusters-sequel-open-letter/ has lost her damn mind :-lol

"Woodhead thinks that the new Stars Wars films prove that movies like Ghostbusters can succeed, as long as they manage to blend nostalgia and newness in a smart way. And without acknowledging the 2016 movie, you're ignoring some of that nostalgia.

“The reason the new Star Wars films have worked :-spat is because they retained the spirit of the original films while really pushing forward, and found the right cast for the job,” Woodhead says. “Even then, we see the same misogyny and racism directed at the cast of those films as we saw directed at Feig's Ghostbusters. There's an element of gatekeeperism where fans of the original want things to be how they were in the good old days, which ties into this nostalgia, but it's 2019, and we're too far gone to make the same films over and over.”


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