Woman punches Herself to falsely accuse her Husband of Assault (Conspiracy / Strange)

by An Alien Violated Me, Saturday, December 22, 2018, 17:04 (184 days ago) @ Shocker

Two more situations :-whistle

The disturbing video is at the center of a he-said, she-said breakup that's now spiraled into a nasty legal fight between a millionaire businessman and his ex-fiance.

Mary Hunt is seen in the video hitting herself in the face in a fit of rage.

Attorneys for 45-year-old Scott Mitchell are releasing selected clips from his home security system to refute Hunt's claims that her former fiance was abusive, giving her a black eye.



A disturbing video shows an unnamed woman hitting herself with a hammer apparently to claim her boyfriend was abusing her.


Aliens are real!

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