Philips 4K TV not showing HDR with Xbox One X (Gaming - Microsoft)

by Brett 09, Sunday, November 18, 2018, 00:46 (603 days ago) @ TrinityInfinity

My knowledge on 4K and hdr is not at all very good but have a look at this thread regarding ycc4:2:2

somebody quotes

"Amended my original answer, as it seems 4:4:4 is ok on 8-bit HDR but not 10-bit or higher, due to current bandwidth limitations in HDMI. So the real answer is, if you want to use X1X on a 10-bit or higher panel, you want to enable 4:2:2."

and a quoted reply to this was

"All these formats are pretty much a joke at this point.... Non-compressed color information works on the screens with less capacity (8bit), and the screens that can display more colors with better information (10bit HDR) have to do it with compressed information due to bandwidth limits of the connecting cable.... It's all one big stupid joke... And consumers are the punchline..."

So it seems that newer hdr10 panels need to tick the ycc4:2:2 box whereas older hdr tv's don't :-think

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