Creepy Feminist Porn Lawyer arrested on Domestic Violence (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Danny111298, Evesham, Friday, November 16, 2018, 18:14 (184 days ago) @ HMS

Let me guess the bitches on The View your whoopi's and Joy Behar have defended creepy porn lawyer again because we have to believe the woman when kavanaugh is accused but not believe the woman when creepy porn lawyer is accused because he is liberal and hates Trump :-hehe

They're all for due process now :-roll The view have done a role reversal, no due process for kavanaugh and Trump but now all of a sudden they're all for Innocent until proven guilty :-jack

Question everything!
FACT: More blacks in America are killed by blacks than they are killed by whites. American Cops kill more white people than they do blacks.

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