Death by 1000 cuts sleeping dogs (Gaming - General)

by Nathan9000, Southampton, Thursday, November 15, 2018, 07:49 (185 days ago) @ Grey Wolf

You start off with a meat clever, throw it at the first guy that jumps over the wall, he will then die and drop his knife, the other guys who jump the wall will run at you, you leg it, let them chase you, come back on yourself and grab the knife on the floor and throw it at another guy who will die and drop a knife and you just keep doing that thirty times :-lol

For the whole mission you have to keep running around in circles and figure of eights picking up dropped knives and throwing them at the people who chase you.

What you don't do is stand and have a fight because you will be overpowered and poisoned. Keep running, keep picking up knives, keep throwing knives and don't get caught/surrounded/poisoned

Simple :-D

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