Groves vs Smith (Sport - Boxing)

by Kells, Saturday, September 29, 2018, 02:32 (240 days ago) @ Paul Telford

Well I got the round but wrong fighter :-lol

It was a very close fight but I will say this, after watching the fight I don't see how George could beat Callum ever, he is too strong and too tall. I didn't see George worry Callum at all but Callum rocked George quite bad in I think the third round and overall looked too Imposing on George :-dunno

I've just got the feeling his shoulder wasn't 100% last night, he just didn't seem right from the first bell. IMHO he wanted the money and was willing to gamble and he certainly didn't want Eubank taking his position in the final.

That's not to say a 100% George would still not have lost.

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