Gender Equality With Wages (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Darkfalls, Sunday, February 04, 2018, 14:51 (110 days ago)

There is no run of the mill job advert in the UK that states women get paid less than men, if you can find a legitimate one please post it.

When it comes to tv jobs how do we expect sports programme host Gary Lineker to be on exactly the same wage as sports programme host Clare Balding when one is more well known and heads a programme that has vastly more eyeballs?

Back in her prime Cilla Black was on mega money for hosting the popular show Blind Date but why was the guy hosting a different dating show on the same channel early in morning not on the exact same six figure wage as her?

If we want equal wages for doing the same job why is Real Madrid's Raphaël Varane (who you've probably never heard of) on vastly less money than Cristiano Ronaldo a week? Raphaël Varane does the same training, plays the same game :-dunno

Isn't that discrimination?

Or Is it because one is more well known than the other so brings in more eyeballs and money to the club. So the wage disparity has more to do with the worth of the person than the gender or how much effort they put in.

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