How will the Feminists fuck up the "Solo: A Star Wars Story" movie? (Movies)

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Force Awakens was bad because Feminism, The Last Jedi was even more terrible because even more Feminism.

Just thinking without a female lead how will the feminist Hollywood writers possibly fuck up the Han Solo movie?


Kathleen Kennedy, the president of Lucasfilm, is supposed to rule over the franchise’s canon, story and make sure the continuity and consistency is seamless.

It seems they were busy promoting the diversity on their team instead of guaranteeing success for the franchise. In an interview with Fortune, she explained:

“Fifty percent of our executive team are women. Six out of eight of the people in my Story Group are women. I think it’s making a huge difference in the kind of stories we’re trying to tell.”

While she ran around with “The force is female” t-shirts and staffed her story group with women, she apparently forgot to actually plan out this franchise.



The Last Jedi stormed into cinemas at the weekend as the most triumphantly feminist Star Wars film yet. While The Force Awakens and Rogue One had terrific heroines, they were isolated, and barely spoke to other women.

"Among the approving voices is Annalise Ophelian, a documentary film-maker and psychologist whose current project, Looking for Leia, is about girls and women in Star Wars fandom. “The Last Jedi depicts women as multi-faceted, multi-generational, multi-racial. There are women in strong leadership positions and women who occupy student/learner positions,” she says.

The Last Jedi also contains what Ophelian says is the “first truly Bechdel Test passing scene” in the history of the franchise. “Female heroes are traditionally presented in cinematic isolation. This film gives us women working side by side, women in technical positions, and of course women learning the ways of the Force.”

"Here’s hoping the post-Weinstein era is finally ushering in the changes so many feminists have been campaigning for in film. Says Webb: “We’re already seeing it in next year’s big releases, from A Wrinkle in Time to Lady Bird to Ocean’s Eight, and we’ve got solid proof in record-breaking box office figures and Metacritic scores to back us up. Wonder Woman was one of the highest-grossing superhero origin films of all time. Girls Trip was the first comedy of the year to cross the $1m mark. Lady Bird broke the Rotten Tomatoes record. And television is already light years ahead.”

But both Webb and Ophelian have one more new hope for Star Wars. ‘The next step is a female director, which I’m hoping the rapidly expanding franchise will allow,” says Webb. Tellingly, Rian Johnson, who will also direct the first film in a new Star Wars trilogy, has agreed. “There are so many incredibly talented female directors, directors of colour out there, and so many that I would love to see play in this universe. So hell yes, please, I’d love it to happen.”


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