Did Alien Covenant have the most obvious ending ever? (Movies)

by In The Dog House, Thursday, December 28, 2017, 11:26 (113 days ago) @ TotalBuzz

It must have been the dumbest space crew in history. Some of the decisions they made were downright Idiotic. Just for example I don't know their names but one woman (a) locks another woman (b) and a man in a room on the drop ship because she see's him spitting blood. woman (a) won't let woman (b) out of the room

woman (a) runs off crying and calls for help, woman (a) then runs back to the room see's an alien burst out of the man's back and start eating woman (b) only then does woman (a) open the door! Why!

Then woman (a) comically slips on blood then she runs away shooting and hitting everything but the Alien then hits a load of conveniently placed gas canisters.

And another one. The captain finds out the droid has gone insane yet follows the droid down into this dark dungeon filled with alien eggs then the droid tells him to look inside one and the captain just does it without any hesitation even though a couple minutes ago the captain was going to shoot the droid because he didn't trust it.

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