91% of Muslim Migrants Still Unemployed! in the German City of Salzgitter (Conspiracy / Strange)

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91% of "war torn" Muslim Migrants (mostly men) still unemployed and taking benefits after arriving in 2015/16 in the German city of Salzgitter :-facepalm compared to 84% nationally :-jawfloor :-roll


"No place illustrates the shattered Merkel dream better than Salzgitter.

It took in a higher proportion of migrants compared to its population than any other part of Germany.

Ninety-one per cent of those migrants in the town today are jobless and live on benefits, according to new statistics from town officials, compared with a slightly less dismal picture nationally for migrants of 84 per cent.

One of the charities trying to find them work says they are only qualified for the simplest of jobs because of low education.

'We just don't have the jobs that these people could take,' a volunteer explained. But aside from the problems of work and welfare are the sheer numbers who have arrived."

"'People have told me our German children are growing up in an environment where barely any German is spoken.'

The fresh arrivals in town have congregated in the bleak workingclass suburb of Lebenstedt, where this week the local kebab house and Arabic shops were doing a brisk trade.

Here, they stick together. There are cheap housing association flats, a handful of mosques, and the mayor claims there is a real threat of 'ghettoisation'.

With unemployment among all residents of this down-to-earth town at just under 11 per cent — about twice the national average — the locals feel 'crowded out' of an already suffering employment market"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5138145/Salzgitter-Germany-bans-migrants-arrivi...

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