Any person coming out after a year and saying they were raped should be locked up themselves (General)

by HMS, Thursday, November 02, 2017, 15:43 (170 days ago)
edited by HMS, Thursday, November 02, 2017, 15:44

Women or Men that publicly come out after a year (2 years max) of it happening and saying they were sexually assaulted should be locked up.

All this "he/she touched me in 1962 or he/she raped me in 1985" is bullshit.

Let's go through a scenario (these are fictitious people obviously):

Rose goes to a top film producers office, let's call the producer Harvey, to see if she can get the leading role in a movie. Harvey likes what he see's in more ways than one. Maybe Harvey gives Rose the "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" approach or in Harvey's case replace "back" with "dick".

Rose doesn't think about it for too long as she will do almost anything for wealth and fame. Rose lands the leading role in a big movie and after a few years of servicing Harvey's needs lands more and more blockbuster roles until she becomes wealthy and a household name. Rose has finally gotten what she always wanted.

Fast forward 20 years and Harvey has become bored with Rose, He's found a new younger actress which means Rose finds it difficult to even get a role in a movie and she turns to alcohol and drugs and to even stay relevant Rose makes a sex tape and leaks it onto the Internet.

Fast forward another few years Rose hardly has any money, the drink and drugs have taken their toll on Rose, she has become bitter and twisted, she decides she wants revenge on the Industry that made and broke her, so she comes out and says Harvey raped her 20 years ago.

Now who is in the wrong?

I say both of them.

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