Be Wary of Pandagames on Amazon (aka Grainger Games Limited) (Rant)

by HyperX, Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 08:24 (194 days ago) @ FallguyChris

Same problem.

I ordered a rare cartridge game from them on Amazon. It was either them or another third party company and Panda Games were a few pound cheaper.

Order went through with a estimated delivery. Checked my amazon account later that day and see it was dispatched, cool. About four days past, still no delivery. Checked my order again and drilled further into the order to find my card had been refunded.

Asked them why? And the same error listing reply.

Went back on Amazon to buy from the other third party company but they had sold it. So Panda had wasted 4 days of me expecting delivery :-middlefinger I was mad.

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