Fuck YODEL the worst delivery company ever (Rant)

by Edy, Thursday, August 24, 2017, 17:00 (240 days ago)
edited by Edy, Thursday, August 24, 2017, 17:07

Another rant about the FUCKTARDS at YODEL.

Got an email from Yodel saying "we delivered your parcel today and left it in a safe place, the driver has left a card through your door"

I thought to myself oh good I'll go to the front door and have a look at the card to see where these YODEL FUCKTARDS had left it.

Get to the front door, low and behold no card.

So I go back online to the email and follow the link to the tracking page. The tracking page says delivered and left in a safe place FRONT PORCH

That's funny I think to myself :-think I don't have a FRONT PORCH because my house is right next to the road you YODEL FUCKTARDS!

So I have a look outside the front door half expecting the YODEL FUCKTARDS to have left it right on the pedestrian pavement outside my door but nothing. I then look all around the perimeter of the house and still nothing.

Right, time to phone these FUCKTARDS up. Get an automated voice system, finally get the option of talking to a real FUCKTARD, the automated voice says it's putting me through. It rings twice then dead silence :-banghead it's basically hung up on me!

Getting pissed off by this point I try again three further times and the same thing happens. On the fourth attempt the phone rings more times and is answered by an Indian FUCKTARD.

I try to keep calm and explain there is no parcel, no card and certainly no FRONT PORCH. She contacts the depot while I'm waiting on the phone and comes back to me and says the depot manager is going to Interview the driver and find out what happened and she wants me to phone back in 24 hours to find out the result.

I said to her no I'm not phoning back, you email me the result. She then says she cannot email out, so I said phone me then, she says "I can take your number but we cannot phone you back" :-banghead I said what's the point in taking my number then :-jack

After telling her what a shit company YODEL is. The end result is for me to find out I have to phone them back which I won't be doing.

And do you know what her last words were "have a great day" :-middlefinger

I laughed in her face and put the phone down.

Here we are in the 21st century and a company like YODEL cannot email or phone out.

Final Ratings

Delivery 0/10
putting a card through your door 0/10
customer services 0/10

Overall a big FUCKTARD 0/10 For YODEL

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