Why Does My PlayStation 4 Game Saves on PlayStation 5 Not Automatically Backup To The Cloud Even Though I Have PlayStation 5 Set To Do That? (Gaming - Sony)

by Davids, Wednesday, June 22, 2022, 03:19 (3 days ago) @ Trevor Nissan

So I just did a test on PS5 using the R-Type Dimensions PS4 game.

I have auto updates enabled and auto game save uploads enabled for PS4 and PS5 games

The last cloud save is showing as 20th June the last time I played it

I launched the game and played for a bit then closed the game

The cloud save was still show 20th June

I turned the PS5 completely off then turned it back on

The cloud save was still showing 20th June

I put the PS5 into rest mode then left it a couple of minutes and turned it back on

The cloud save was showing 22nd June :-D

So yeah, PS4 saves seem to only upload automatically when the PS5 is in rest mode. Even turning the console off and turning it back on doesn't update the cloud save.

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