Sky Sharks - Kickstarter (Movies)

by Zool, Monday, March 28, 2016, 03:51 (1566 days ago) @ Atomic Playboy

Seems a good deal to meet her

Pledge €150 or more

0 backers Limited (6 left of 6)


Meet our SKY FROGS NUDE MODEL MICAELA SCHÄFER in Berlin and TAKE A PHOTO WITH HER! You got to keep your clothes on though...
Comes with a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of SKY SHARKS (ships June 2017).

This also would have been cool to have a death scene but they are all gone and I could not have afforded it anyway :-(

Pledge €2,000 or more

3 backers All gone!


Die another day? No. Die a most GORYIEST DEATH on the SKY SHARKS battlefield. You GET KILLED by one of our LEAD NAZI ZOMBIES in a CLOSE-UP, then fed to a shark.
Travel and accommodation not included.
Comes with a BLU-RAY of the movie (ships June 2017).

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