Angry Open Letter To Amazon About Not Taking PayPal Payments (Rant)

by HMS, Wednesday, March 09, 2016, 02:00 (777 days ago)
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I had to laugh at reading this in the Amazon forum. The original poster was asking how to pay by PayPal and a Amazon rep replied they did not take PayPal payments.

Up steps Anne and her post below :-hehe

Do you understand that you are actually LOSING CUSTOMERS by not accepting Paypal or Skrill? Do you care? PLEASE PASS THIS MESSAGE TO SOMEONE WHO HAS THE AUTHORITY TO CHANCE THIS RIDICULOUS RULE.

We are in the 21st Century, and the Almighty Amazon whose executives have been known to go down to the packing line and help finish the days orders to keep their customers satisfied, are now kicking themselves firmly in the head, by going against their own policy of keeping customers satisfied - by not accepting modern forms of payment.

I would have bet money Amazon would accept 21st century payments, as they are on top of everything else. By the way, counter-action by me should this policy not be at least examined at a high level, will effect your 'Prime' conversions, I assure you of that.

I am semi-disabled and housebound. Effectively waiting to die. A good read, which I thought I had bought today when paying with my Debit card has now been snatched from my hand and I have been kicked in the teeth by the ONLY online seller I trusted.

Amazon was always my 'go to' destination whether it was a tube of glue or the latest novel. NOT ANY MORE. And it is a sad day, that my favourite trader could care less about me as a loyal customer, not only slowing down receipt of my books, but actually STOPPING them by outdated and anachronistic methods of payment.

ONLY accepting the cards you do is so unlike Amazons forward thinking that I am utterly astounded at the 'bury your heads in the sand' attitude when it comes to payments.

This is a sad say for me, made even more sad because I always thought I could trust and depend upon Amazon to be on my side. You clearly are not and that is a shock.

Has the money overtaken the ethos of keeping the customer happy and getting them their stuff fast? The obvious answer is yes. And it saddens me more than you will understand to know this.

Whichever unfortunate person gets to read this at Amazon will be sensible to take me seriously. If an agreeable answer is not forthcoming I shall commence a campaign telling everyone how AMAZON is only after your money, but only on its own terms, and it does not give a damn whether that impacts their customers or not. For that is the truth.

I am dead serious about this, and fortunately have some clout in this area being a long established Freelance Writer with friends in high places.
It hurts me to say this, but I will invoke a shit storm on your heads if this policy is not re-considered and then overturned as it rightly should be.

Someone at Amazon will suddenly have a lightbulb moment and realise that this policy is ANTI CUSTOMER. Contrary to all your hard work in building up friendly ties and providing good delivery service, this payment exclusion flies in the face of good customer care. I never thought that day would come. At ebay yes - but at Amazon? It was unthinkable, until today.

Kindly have a top level executive who has the power to change this ridiculous state of affairs, read this, and then contact me. I will wait until I receive a reply before unleashing my campaign to inform your many millions of customers that you could not give a damn about them and that you have been lying to us all these years. It feels like an infidelity to me and the world is a worse place for it. Especially my small restricted world of a small house which I am unable to leave until I die.

But the pen is mightier than the sword and I shall prove it, although it will feel like I am stabbing myself in the heart, so much did Amazon mean to me.


Anne Armstrong

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