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No jab, no pay: Unvaccinated teachers in Australia who refuse to get jabbed are hit with a MASSIVE pay cut

Teachers who refuse to get vaccinated against Covid-19 will lose thousands of dollars worth of holiday pay.

Unvaccinated educators across Victoria's state schools were given just a week to get jabbed or miss out on their full leave entitlements.

On December 10, teachers and other school staff were told that if they didn't show proof of vaccinated by December 18, they wouldn't be paid for the school holidays.

Those who didn't upload proof of vaccination by Saturday would not be paid from December 18 to January 27, the entirety of the summer break.

Educators were warned of the significant pay cut in an email from Tony Bugden, an executive director at the Department of Education.

He previously told staff in October that those who refused the jab would not be able to set foot on school grounds from October 18.

Unvaccinated educators were additionally told they would not be able to take leave from January 18 and would ultimately get the sack by April 28, 2022.

In October, unvaccinated teachers were reassured they would be paid over the school holidays, a hefty pay cheque that could number in the thousands.

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