They Need To Get EVERYBODY Vaccinated Otherwise They Won't be Able To Hide The Deaths Due To Comparisons Of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Darkfalls, Saturday, July 17, 2021, 23:30 (14 days ago) @ Lewi

They thought with the amount of fear they pushed and the months of news build up to the wonder vaccine that was already made months before Covid hit that everybody would rush out for this jab and it backfired.

When they tell you on the news that 60% or 80% of the country has been vaccinated that is all propaganda lies to make you the unvaccinated feel like the odd one out so that you mentally give in and go and get the poison.

The reality is that they are struggling to inject this poison into arms which is why they have resorted to giving away free everything to get you jabbed.

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