They Need To Get EVERYBODY Vaccinated Otherwise They Won't be Able To Hide The Deaths Due To Comparisons Of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Lewi, Saturday, July 17, 2021, 22:47 (14 days ago)

You've never seen a vaccination push like this in the history of mankind over a virus that almost all people have a 98% chance of surviving with mild symptoms

Offering free holidays, beer, doughnuts, weed, lap dances, lottery tickets and so on


Now they are threatening to go door to door because giving free stuff hasn't worked it's only made people even more suspicious


The reason for this massive push is that they need everybody to have had the vaccine so they can hide the death numbers that will result from the vaccine :-whistle

They are going to find it hard to hide the death figures when only 40% of the world is vaccinated and 60% is not, especially when a big chunk of that 40% start dying off.

They need everybody in the same ball park to be able to manipulate the death figures.

They cannot allow a big percentage of unvaccinated people to stay unvaccinated who we can then compare and reference to vaccinated people who have died, otherwise they are going to be found out.

This will be the smoking gun over the next year and they know this which is why the governments are getting desperate to get ALL vaccinated.

Google do Evil

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