What Happened To Amazon.co.uk Customer Service Awful (Rant)

by Edy, Friday, July 16, 2021, 20:56 (15 days ago)
edited by Edy, Friday, July 16, 2021, 20:59

I've noticed in 2021 they have become really shit which from my experience is not like them and the Indians that run the customer service are getting really snidey and I had one today just disconnect from chat on purpose.

I've had multiple problems with them this year but just for an example. I preordered a special edition of a game, it was delivered and I opened it up to find it was the standard edition they had sent.

Since preordering, the special edition had gone up in price by £5 but that wasn't going to affect me or so I thought. I got onto the customer service chat and told them they had sent the wrong version thinking they would sort a return and send the right version but no.

They lied to me to begin with and said all they could do is refund the order and I would have to reorder at some point at the higher price because they were out of stock of the special edition of the game. I put in the chat a link to the special edition on the Amazon website that said in stock delivery next day then the customer rep changed their approach and said the system wasn't allowing them to send a replacement and all he could do is refund and let me order again.

So I got put through to a manger and he said exactly the same. So I said to the manager add £5 credit to my account for your mistake and I will reorder it again. He wouldn't even do that, I said to him customer service is going downhill at Amazon which is probably why you have 2 stars on Trust Pilot and he disconnected from chat straight away.

Prime Member and customer since the 90's and I get treated like shit now. Time to cancel Amazon


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